Amplify Black Neighbors: Local Talent

This post is the final installment of Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood Association‘s Amplify Black Neighbors post series happening throughout June 2020. For more information, click here.

Week 4 Featured Brentwood-Darlington Neighbor: Blacktacular! (Ashanti Hall)

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Image of Ashanti Hall AKA Blacktacular! from his Facebook page.

About Blacktacular! from SoundCloud: I started writing poetry and then emceeing at a very young age. That kinda coalesced into hip-hop and beat-boxing in 1991. I got a lil’ gangsta there for a second until I encountered Electronic Music in about 1995. After a 4 year prison stint which helped my reset my priorities, and 3 years in Community College leaning Website Creation & Graphic Design; I jumped into promoting Hip-Hop and Electronic Music full time.

I’d love to get into the studio and drop more rhymes (I’ve got books of ’em written), but the reality is, I spend the vast majority of my time putting up posters, passing out flyers, and dancing my ass off… I threw a 4-yr-running weekly night in Portland, where I got a chance to hear the best DJ’s in the World come down and tear shit up. If you want to know what’s crackin’ in the city of Portland, Oregon… Check out the link to my FB page below, where I post a list of the hypest shit in the city almost daily… See ya on the Dancefloor!

Blacktacular!’s Facebook Page

Check out Blacktacular!’s hit “Snappinshacklez” below and be sure to follow him on Soundcloud.

Snappinshacklez by Brentwood-Darlington neighbor Ashanti Hall AKA Blacktacular!