Black Lives Matter

Image from Black Lives Matter

Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood Association stands in solidarity with our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color) neighbors as we seek to amplify and uplift their voices to end racism.

Beginning this Sunday, we will share daily posts towards raising awareness and educating the overall community, especially white people, on how to stand up for racial justice. Since June is Pride Month, we will also include material in support of our LGBTQ neighbors.

Join us every day through the end of June:

  • Sunday: Art — events, works, and spaces
  • Monday: Read — essays, articles, and books
  • Tuesday: Listen — audio, podcasts, and music
  • Wednesday: Watch — videos, films, and animation
  • Thursday: Act — events, gatherings, and action steps
  • Friday: Donate — organizations, fund raisers, and causes
  • Saturday: Support — local BIPOC businesses and organizations

We look forward to your engagement, feedback, and encourage you to join with us in taking actions in solidarity for racial justice.

We urge you to read, listen, watch, post, petition, protest, donate, and take a form of action.