Amplify Black Neighbors: Listen Week 3

This post is part of Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood Association‘s Amplify Black Neighbors post series happening throughout June 2020. For more information, click here.

Week 3 Featured Musician: Alonzo Chadwick & Zoulful Muzic

Photo of Alonzo Chadwick from

Partial Bio from Zoulful Muzic: Alonzo Chadwick & Zoulful Muzic is a group of incredibly talented & skilled musicians and singers who specialize in various genres of music. The likes of Soul, Funk, Jazz, R&B, Neo Soul, Blues, and gospel to name a few.

Alonzo’s interests in music began around the first grade, where he was selected to sing the lead for his classrooms Christmas program. Like many other artists of today: singing and stepping into the role of lead vocalist in his church choir. Now this talented vocalist has stepped into his own as one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier male vocalist, and creating quite a buzz. Chadwick possesses an incredible vocal range, and an amazing voice to perform almost any genre. He also has an energetic stage presence that impacts you emotionally as well as joyfully. Able to move deftly from a simmering ballad that sooths the soul and sets an ambiance, to an up-tempo R&B, Blues, Jazz, Funk, or Gospel groove that creates a high-pressured musical experience.

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