Two Takeaways from BDNA Board Meeting of April 6, 2023

Exploring BD. Pistachio Paints is a general-contractor company located in Brentwood-Darlington.  Owner-operator Chris Irick, who has formal training in the fine arts, says of his company, “We explore new and old painting projects. We paint interiors and exteriors. The more interesting the project, the better the fit.”  The Pistachio Paints team even takes on clear cedar challenges – and paints murals on demand (usually in people’s basements).  To see examples of Pistachio Paints projects, visit Instagram or  

New Tax Measure on May Ballot. Guest speaker Nathan Clark of the coalition “Building Our Future Together” evaluated Measure 26-238, a proposed capital-gains tax that will be on our May ballot.  The coalition is composed of residents, local leaders, businesses, and nonprofits that include Hacienda CDC and Tax Fairness Oregon.  

The coalition members deem the tax inequitable and regressive.  The measure appears to benefit low-income renters, but a large portion of the taxes collected will go to feed an entire new department of bureaucrats.  Mr. Clark noted that the measure will hit workers, middle-income families, seniors, homeowners, and small businesses very hard.  Corporations will be exempt, but every resident of the county will be required to pay this tax regardless of income or ability to pay. 

Multnomah County already has programs that protect low-income tenants; some of these programs include legal assistance and subsidies paid for with local taxes.  Building our Futures Together believes we should concentrate on making those programs work rather than adopt a measure that is “unnecessary, confusing, and expensive.”  For more information, visit