Two Takeaways from BDNA’s November Board Meeting

Wood Smoke.  Fires in backyard fire pits and indoor fireplaces poison the air with millions of tiny particles linked to asthma, Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, preterm births, and premature death.

We residents of Brentwood-Darlington harm ourselves with our own wood burning.  And the winds bring us wood smoke from people north and west of us.

Burning wood on poor air quality days is now forbidden year around (but read here about exemptions).  For more information, view article and video at:  “How harmful is a simple backyard fire?

Zoning for More Businesses, Apartments.  When surveyed, residents of B-D spoke up strongly for a more-businesses, more-apartments scenario.  The area at SE 72nd Ave and Flavel Street should be named a commercial center; SE 52nd Avenue from Duke to Flavel should become a commercial corridor. 

Altered zoning would permit mixed-use and apartment buildings in those areas to be as high as 4 stories (now the zoning restricts such buildings to 2-3 stories).  

You are invited to join a land-use meeting on November 10th at 7:00pm to pose questions to city planners.  For example:  What does “mixed use” mean? How do developers respond to zoning changes?  Would our areas change quickly?  What would those parts of our neighborhood look like?  Can we have a say in what types of businesses elect to settle here?

BDNA Land Use Zoom link: