Infill of sidewalks along Duke and Flavel streets, along with installation of an east-west bicycle greenway midway between the two, has been delayed.  Unexpected difficulties with the design (including the design budget) extended design work; it should be completed before the end of this year. In addition, the project is mostly funded by the federal government, which has meant longer than usual turn-around times for approvals and right-of-way acquisition.

Finally and unsurprisingly, the pandemic has taken its toll on PBOT’s work force.  It has also reduced the downtown parking revenues that make up a large part of PBOT’s budget.  PBOT complemented our federal funding with funds of its own to make our projects possible; but revenue shortfalls mean delays.  

Barring any new issues, sidewalk infill and greenway installation should occur in late 2023.  We’re disappointed, of course, but we realize that PBOT is doing all it can, in the face of numerous stressors, to accomplish our projects – along with dozens of others all over the city.  We should keep in mind that we’re not the only neighborhoods with delayed projects – and let’s also remember that the city has invested millions of dollars in our neighborhood in recent years.