PPS Bond Renewal Virtual town Hall

A message from Portland Public Schools

From Portland Public Schools: The 2020 School Bond Renewal virtual town hall at 6PM this Thursday, June 25. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we are holding the meeting online only, but it will feature breakout sessions and virtual rooms. To participate, please RSVP.  

If you would like to watch the town hall, it will be broadcast on the PPS live-stream site. You can also send direct feedback via email to schoolbond@pps.net.

A 2020 School Bond Renewal could fund projects that support diverse and specific needs of students; urgent health, safety, and educational improvements including technology updates that support distance and classroom learning; and continued work to modernize the remaining three comprehensive high schools: Cleveland, Jefferson and Wilson. If passed, it would maintain the current tax rate, and there are several options for the PPS Board of Education to decide on. For details on the options, other documents and background, along with regular updates on engagement opportunities, please go to pps.net/2020bondrenewal.