LGL Harvest Share of the Week

Share in the Harvest and get a taste of Learning Gardens Lab (LGL) through their new Harvest Share of the Week fundraiser!

Description from LGL: This is what an early summer share might look like: a head of ‘Copenhagen market’ cabbage, several ‘cube of butter’ and ‘dirani’ squash, two artichokes, a bunch each of parsley, scallions, and lavender, plus two bags of beautiful mixed lettuce greens (not pictured).

LGL is offering weekly harvest shares during the 2020 growing season. Each $25.00 share will include a selection of veggies and herbs (with occasional fruits or flowers) grown and harvested with love at Learning Gardens Lab in the Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood of southeast Portland. Proceeds from the Harvest Share will support us in sharing abundances of produce with PSU Food Pantry, Black Futures Farm, and Woodmere Elementary Food Pantry.

Online ordering opens each Monday at 5 pm and closes Wednesday at 5 pm, or until sold out. Thursday morning students and staff prepare the harvest and have shares ready for pickup at LGL Thursday evening from 5 -7PM. Click here to place your order!

LGL’s Harvest Share is a reflection of what is available locally throughout the season and changes weekly.

  • Please bring your own container(s). We’ll have your harvest share packaged in a sanitized tote ready for you to transfer to your basket, box, or reusable bags for the ride home.
  • Due to storage, staffing, and COVID restrictions we are unable to accommodate alternate pickup times. Thanks in advance for picking up your share between 5 and 7 p.m. on Thursday. 

All proceeds from LGL’s Harvest Share Fundraiser go directly to the Learning Gardens Lab and allow us to purchase supplies, fund student staff positions, support garden based education and sustainable food production. In addition to the Harvest Shares LGL is offering this season, we also donate approximately 50 pounds of produce weekly to local food relief efforts.