Portland Fire and Rescue—Meds on Wheels

[“Portland Fire & Rescue Meds on Wheels referral Line 971-288-7687” is printed in black text over a image of white pills poured from a pill bottle onto a blue surface]

Information from the Disability Program at Office of Community & Civic Life:

Portland Fire & Rescue’s Meds on Wheels outreach program is designed to offer community members within the City of Portland a prescription pick-up and delivery service of vital, life sustaining medications. The program is specifically geared toward community members 65 and older and those individuals with disabilities who desperately need life sustaining medications from a pharmacy but leaving their home poses a substantial risk to their health and the health of the community.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this program, please visit the Meds on Wheels website for more information and/or the phone number (971) 288-7687 to sign up.