Candidate Spotlight: Jack Kerfoot

Photo courtesy of Jack Kerfoot

Candidate Spotlight: Jack Kerfoot

Running for Portland City Commissioner, Position No. 2

Thank you to Jack Kerfoot for attending our March 5th Candidate Conversation for Candidates for Portland City Commissioner.  Don’t miss candidates for Portland City Mayor on March 31st, 2020! This event has been cancelled due to health concerns. We are working on a virtual solution to connect you with your candidates for Portland City Mayor.

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Answers to Neighborhood Questions:

4. Portland Bureau of Transportation has been installing many traffic calming measures and lowering speed limits all over SE and East Portland. How will you provide the means to enforce these new measures, despite staffing level challenges?

What is the value of a single life that dies in a preventable traffic accident? The Grim Reaper Is Stalking Portland Streets. In 2019, 49 people died in traffic accidents, the most since 1997. As of March 5, 2020, 11 people have already died in traffic accidents. Portland is on track to have over 60 people die in traffic accidents this year.

The City’s Vision Zero Plan is failing miserably. Why? Portland drivers are simply no following speed limits and are driving recklessly. Two insurance companies rated Portland drivers as some of the worst on a per capita basis of the 200 largest cities in our country.

How do we save precious lives? Traffic cameras have proven to reduce traffic fatalities by 15% to 45% in major cities around the world. Traffic cameras can and will save lives, 10 maybe 30 lives a year.

We must take action to save lives and make our streets safe.