Cleaner Air Oregon Non-Cancer Health Index Rulemaking Advisory Committee Meeting

Cleaner Air Oregon Non-Cancer Health Index Rulemaking Advisory Committee Meeting

Wednesday, July 10, 9:AM-4:PM
2:30pm – Public Comment
UO White Stag Block (70 NW Couch St, 97209)

Purpose of Meeting:
DEQ/OHA has identified 184 toxic air contaminants that meet the criteria for a more stringent health standard because they are expected to cause developmental, reproductive or other severe health effects.

All of these chemicals have an effect on one or more target organs/systems, which include kidney, liver, blood, endocrine system, musculoskeletal system, eyes, skin, central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, cardiovascular system, immune system, respiratory system, reproductive system, gastrointestinal system, and developmental effects. All of these effects can be considered to be potentially severe human health effects.

The agency is seeking input for the final determination to regulate these 184 high hazard air toxics at the more health protective standard of a Hazard Index of 3, or three times the level at which they are expected to cause adverse health outcomes. The agency is providing two options for the committee to consider, but in our minds there is only one:

We need to make sure that industrial polluters are held to the most health protective standard possible under SB 1541’s constraints. Of the two options we we will be asked to consider at the meeting Wednesday, Option 1 is the most health protective. Option one uniformly lowers the HI to 3, as low as SB 1541 allows.