January 2018 EPIC Meeting Summary

Commander Brian Parman opened the meeting with information about the progress in hiring new officers for the bureau.  Although nearly 100 people have been hired there are still open positions and it takes 18 month from the beginning of training until an officer is working independently.

Captain Mike Crebs gave a riveting presentation on the Traffic Division.  The majority of officers assigned to traffic are motorcycle qualified.  These motor officers go through a two week training course in which 50% of those beginning don’t qualify.  Once qualified and

Once assigned to the Traffic Division the motorcycle officers usually work afternoon shift and are paid hazardous duty pay.  They take their motorcycles home with them and are responsible for their upkeep.

The Traffic Division writes thousands of citations and warnings throughout the year to try to keep the city streets safe and decrease the number of accidents.  The division also has a Major Crash Team that is responsible for investigating serious and fatal crashes.

Along with their other duties motorcycle officers work special events, such as parades, athletic events, free speech gatherings.

It is the focus of the Traffic Division to eliminate pedestrian deaths and fatal crashes by 2025 through Vision Zero.  Special attention is being paid to High Crash Corridors and drunk or impaired drivers.

He also provided a list of red light and fixed speed cameras (see below):

Red Light Cameras:

  • NE Cesar Chavez @ NE Sandy Blvd  
  • NE Grand Ave @ E Burnside St
  • W Burnside St. @ NW 19th Ave (going to be temporarily removed in spring due to construction)
  • SE Grand Ave @ SE Madison St
  • NE Broadway St @ NE Grand Ave
  • SW 4th Ave @ SW Jefferson St
  • SE Washington St @ SE 103rd Ave
  • SE Stark St @ SE 99th Ave
  • SE Stark St @ SE 102nd Ave
  • SE Foster Rd @ SE 96th Ave

 Fixed Speed Camera Locations:

Lieutenant Jason Pearce, who loved the many years he spent working with police dogs, ended the meeting by reminding all of us that the Canine Unit is also an important part of the Traffic Division – if not the most important!

EPIC’s next meeting will be held on March 28, 2018.  Join them at that time to Meet the New Chief.  Chief Danielle Outlaw will be their keynote speaker.  She will share her ideas on the state of the city of Portland and her philosophy of policing in the 21st Century.