Brentwood-Darlington Wins 2017 Weston Award!

Oregon Walks Executive Director Noel Mickelberry, Lesley McKinley, Chelsea Powers, Meesa Long. (Photo: J. Maus/BikePortland)

Congratulations to Lesley McKinley, Meesa Long, and Chelsea Powers on receiving a 2017 Weston Award on behalf of Brentwood-Darlington!  Their inspiring work secured over $5M for sidewalks in our neighborhood!

Map showing sidewalk infill and greenway additions to be implemented in 2019/2020 from the RFF grant funding.

Below is an excerpt of the amazing speech given by McKinley during the awards ceremony.  Read the full story on Bike Portland.

“We were annexed into Portland 30 years ago and we have just not gotten our due. And so we’re coming for you. And I think we’ve proven how absolutely skilled we are in this work. So be afraid…

This was driven by women. This was driven by underserved people, blue-collar people, of which I am one.

We’re very, very grateful, but we’re coming for your money. Do not forget these faces. We’re going to be at every meeting, we’re going to be at every budget, and we should no longer have to send 400 postcards from underserved children begging for their rights. Don’t make us do this again.”


-Lesley McKinley

Members of PBOT, BDNA, and Commissioner Vega Pederson pose for a photo at the 2017 Weston Awards.