Safe Routes to Schools Project Needs Your Comments!

The time to comment in support of Brentwood-Darlington’s Safe Routes to Schools and Greenway project is now through November 7th!
Below is a message from Meesa Long, the champion of this project:
Time for Comments in Support of our RFF Grant to Repair Duke and Flavel’s Sidewalks and get an Ogden-Knapp Greenway! There are chances to speak at meetings, but I will write about that more later.
To comment, or read about the meetings, please click on the link below. Then click the “Share Your Thoughts through Nov. 7th– Comment Now” on the right hand side and then “Begin Using Map”.  Click on our project (the rectangle in the middle) and “Comment Now” on the left hand side. You can write as many comments as you want. I recommend at least three per person to really stack it – one for Duke, one for Flavel, and one for the Greenway. Of course, add as many other comments as you like! 
We have come so far, and this is a simple task compared to what we have already pulled off, so please comment, comment, comment!!! Thank you!!!!
Click below to view the map and comment.  Have questions?  Email us!

Regional flexible funding for transportation projects