Land Use Meetings

Due to the rapid change in our neighborhood, the Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood Association is starting a monthly meeting dedicated solely to land use and transportation issues. This might sound boring on the surface, but if you’ve ever wondered why that “skinny” house was built there or what kind of apartment building is being built down the street, these are things are directed by land use. We’ll also brainstorm on transportation issues in the neighborhood and our priorities going forward (for instance, would we like to see reduced street parking on Duke or Flavel in exchange for wider bike lanes?). Stop by for casual conversation and discussions. This stuff can get pretty dense, but no previous knowledge is required (these topics aren’t our day jobs and we’re not all experts either) and we’d love to hear from anyone that wants to stop by.  Join us on the third Tuesday of the month (which means September 20th is our first meeting!) at 8:00PM on the second floor of New Seasons in Woodstock. Look forward to seeing you there!