Sidewalk Talk in September with PBoT

Are you interested in learning about infrastructure (or lack thereof) in Brentwood-Darlington and how to help bring improvements to our area? Please attend the September Neighborhood Association meeting at 7:00pm, this Thursday, September 1st, at the Brentwood-Darlington Community Center to meet a representative from the Portland Bureau of Transportation, Greg Raisman. He will explain how different processes and programs work and will be available for questions. Hope to see you there!

Where the Sidewalks Begin!

Are you interested in Brentwood-Darlington’s lack of infrastructure. Does walking in the street instead of on a sidewalk upset you? Do our 4.4 miles of dirt roads get you down? Then please join Brentwood-Darlington’s Where the Sidewalks End Facebook Group. We are an action oriented, positive thinking group dedicated to improving the livability in our neighborhood. Bring your passion and activist spirit!