Mural Workshop with Portland Street Art Alliance

We’re excited to host Portland Street Art Alliance (PSAA) during our All-Committees Meeting on May 21st, 7:00PM at Brentwood-Darlington Community Center (7211 SE 62nd Ave, 97206).  PSAA will provide an overview of the mural commissioning process and City’s mural permitting process as well as highlighting projects from their three main programming areas: engagement, education, and empowerment.

Portland Street Art Alliance (PSAA) is a local non-profit organization that has facilitated over 50 commissioned and publicly-funded projects since 2012. They are a network of artists, academics, and professionals working to open up new spaces for art in the city.

New Mural at Clean-O-Rama!

Our newest Brentwood-Darlington mural! Thank you to the artist Teevie Terger and Meesa Long for all her help! If you want to see it in person it’s on the north wall of the Clean-O-Rama at 72nd and Flavel. Stay tuned for a celebration party in the works.  Interested in being a part of art in our ‘hood?  Check out the Artistic Darlings of Brentwood-Darlington group on Facebook, headed up by the ever amazing Gem Ginger.


Little Free Library and Pantry

Brentwood-Darlington now has it’s very own Little Free Library and Pantry located just two houses north of the street mural on SE 70th Street and SE Ogden Street. The concept is simple; give what you can, take what you need. Members of our community can take or give pantry items, such as dry or canned goods, and books. Boxes like this foster a sense of giving in our community, promote literacy, and spark neighborly connection. There is also a community bulletin board attached to this free library/pantry. If you have extra non-perishable items or books in your home and would like to donate them, or if you need a little extra boost to get you through the month or a new book to read, stop by Brentwood- Darlington’s new little free library and pantry.

LFL_Mural_70Ogden_Pantry Huge thanks to Jonathan and Zoe Matych for the amazing work they’ve been doing installing these Little Free Libraries around our neighborhood.