Last Day to Mail Ballots for the January 23, 2018 Election

Thursday, January 18 is the last day to safely mail ballots: Voters can get help voting or pick up a replacement ballot at two locations in Multnomah County.

Thursday, January 18 is the last day for voters to safely mail their ballot for the Special Election onTuesday, January 23. Ballots can be mailed with one first class stamp. Voters are encouraged to return ballots promptly because of the possibility of inclement winter weather.

Ballot envelopes must be signed and ballots received by the elections office by January 23 at 8:00 PM. Postmarks do not count in Oregon.
Multnomah County Elections Offers Extended Hours
Multnomah County Elections normal hours at both the SE Portland (1040 SE Morrison Street) and Gresham (600 NE 8th Street) locations are 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday-Friday.
Multnomah County Elections extended hours at both locations:
  • 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, Saturday, January 20
  • 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Monday, January 22
  • 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Tuesday, January 23 (Election Day)

Multnomah County voters can get a replacement ballot sent by mail or available to be picked up in-person at “Will Call” at our SE Portland or Gresham locations during business hours. A replacement ballot will be available at the elections service location within two hours of request. Order a replacement ballot online or by calling 503-988-3720.

January 2018 Special Election Resources

You should have your ballot!

If your ballot hasn’t arrived in the mail please give your Multnomah County Elections office a call. Take a moment out of your daily routine to #pawstovote – Official Ballot Drop Box Video (30 secs).

All Multnomah County registered voters should have received their ballots by now.


Multnomah County Elections says all registered voters should have received their ballots by now. Any Multnomah County voter who has not received a ballot for the November 8 general election by Thursday, October 27 should call the county elections office at 503-988-3720.

A voted ballot can be sent to the elections office with one first-class stamp or by dropping it off at any official ballot drop site in Oregon. Official ballot drop sites include all Multnomah County Library locations and eight 24-hour official drop sites. To find the nearest official ballot drop site go to:

Voters should use a blue or black ink ball point pen when marking their ballots. Felt tip pens and markers can bleed through the paper and cause unintended marks on the opposite side of the ballot.

Multnomah County Elections provides an interpreter, free of charge to anyone who needs help voting in a language other than English. Additional voting and elections information in nine languages is online at

Voted ballots for the November 8 general election must be received by 8:00 PM, November 8. For more information about the election, please visit

This release can also be viewed in Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese and on the Multnomah County website.