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News stories for June 2015:

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2013 June 07, Annual Brentwood-Darlington cleanup: Tons of trash, The Bee

2013 May 03, Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood looks to the future and the past with ‘visioning’ project, The Oregonian

Whole Foods in Northeast Portland chooses Friends of Community Gardens for benefitThe Oregonian, Larry Bingham, 12/27/2011.

At Cartlandia, foods carts rush in where used car salesman once reignedThe Oregonian, Michael Russell, 11/31/2011.

“Open House” format packs Brentwood Darlington Association’s meetingThe Bee, David Ashton,11/24/2011.

Feast for Southeast is looking for donors and volunteers for free Thanksgiving Day meal, The Oregonian, Steave Beaven, 11/9/2011

Brentwood Darlington quizzes officials about Castparts’ chemical releaseThe Bee, David Ashton, 8/2/2011.

Identifying unmet needs in Woodstock and Brentwood DarlingtonThe Bee, Elizabeth Groff, 6/7/2011.

Brentwood Darlington helps cleanup its own neighborhoodThe Bee, David Ashton, 6/7/2011.

Dirt Roads, Dead EndsWillamette Week, James Pitkin, 5/11/2011.

East Portland Chamber honors Brentwood Darlington BusinessmanThe Bee, unattributed,  4/5/2011.

Full-service grocery store opens in Brentwood DarlingtonThe Bee, David Ashton, 11/3/2010.

Portland brings climbing wall to local parks to offer an alternative to the couchThe Oregonian, Anna Griffin, 08/09/2010.

Brentwood Darlington gets a “Garden in a Day,” The Bee, David Ashton, 6/8/2010.

Brentwood Darlington helps its young families eat betterThe Bee, David Ashton, 6/8/2010.

Brentwood Darlington’s volunteer-built park gets new benchThe Bee, David Ashton, 2/2/2010.

2009 Article from East Portland News, “G.R.E.A.T. kids wipe out graffiti at East Portland.” – Hazeltine Park

Brentwood Darlington cafe hosts fundraiser for nonprofitsThe Bee, Elizabeth Groff, 11/25/2009.

Brentwood Darlington neighbor’s host annual clean-upThe Bee, David Ashton, 6/3/2009.

Brentwood Darlington distributes a business directory of their ownThe Bee, unattributed, 3/4/2009.

Brentwood Darlington resident wins “Spirit of Portland” awardThe Bee, David Ashton, 12/26/2008.

New “healing center” locates in Brentwood DarlingtonThe Bee, Mary Mackinnon, 9/3/2008.

Brentwood Darlington neighbors peddle goods in the parkThe Bee, David Ashton, 9/3/2008.

Brentwood Darlington event tidies up the neighborhoodThe Bee, David Ashton, 6/4/2008.

MethlehemThe Portland Mercury, unattributed, 9/13/2007.

Brentwood Darlington event turns castoffs into cashThe Bee, David Ashton, 9/5/2007.

Scout organizes park cleanup in Brentwood DarlingtonThe Bee, David Ashton, 6/6/2007.

Brentwood Darlington hosts city’s newest parkThe Bee, Rita Leonard, 11/1/2006.


Errol Heights Community Garden:

5/17/2012 Oregonian, “Portland’s park bureau will celebrate its newest community garden Sunday in Southeast Portland.”

5/16/2012, PDX Traffic, “Grand Opening of Portland Parks & Recreation’s 42nd Community Garden.”

3/6/2012, The Bee, “Errol heights area to offer 50 garden plots to the public.”

06/08/2010 The Bee, “Johnson Creek banks cleared by hundreds at annual event.”

10/30/2009 Portland Tribune, “Dreams take root at site of new park.”