Brentwood-Darlington Skate Park

Twelve-year-old resident and new board member, Quinn, writes:
I have lived in Brentwood-Darlington for 5 years and seen skateboarders  coming, going, and zooming by. I only started skateboarding 2 or 3 years ago, always skating in the street. Also, I went to my first skate park 2 months ago, and loved it, but It was supposed to take 30 minutes to get there, but in traffic the drive was even longer! So one day I was talking to my dad and I said, “I really wish we had a skatepark in our neighborhood.” He said, “Well then you should petition to get one,” and so that’s how it all started.I am working to convince the City to build a skate park in Brentwood Park.
This is a good idea for three reasons. First, it is a good idea because it would be an improvement and new attraction to our neighborhood. Second, in the city-wide 2008 “Skate Park Plan” they already approved there being a skate park in Brentwood Park. Third, the neighborhood association has already approved and said that they would support me.
Are you interested in helping?  It’s easy!
First download the Brentwood Park Skate Park Petition.  Then, get 10 signatures of support and return it by bringing it to the monthly BDNA Board Meeting, emailing it to Jacob Sherman, or snail mailing it to: PO Box 494, Portland, OR 97206